Viridis3D LLC is an all-inclusive supplier of Additive Manufacturing Technology for industrial applications. We sell complete systems of materials, 3D printing machines, robots, software, and the training needed to successfully deploy functional solutions for metal castingceramics, and composites applications.  Viridis3D is releasing the fastest, most flexible robotic 3D printing platforms in the industry.

The Viridis3D mission is to create value in manufacturing markets for Additive Manufacturing, by developing application specific hardware and materials solutions.  Our development efforts are a combination of in-house research and design, as well as partnerships with a network of vendors, customers, and universities. Many new applications start with a customer need – so we love to hear about what other want to do with 3D Printing, even if it isn’t something that can be currently achieved.


Thank you for your interest in the RAM123 Beta program. The program has reached its maximum enrollment, and we are unfortunately no longer accepting applications for Beta sites. For more information on installing a RAM123 3D printer, please contact or

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