Viridis3D LLC is an all-inclusive supplier of “Additive Manufacturing Technology” for industry. We sell materials, 3D printing machines, software, scanners, and the training needed to successfully deploy functional 3D printed solutions for metal casting, ceramic applications, and composites.  Viridis3D uses the fastest, most reliable 3D printing platforms in the industry.

Design, print and pour your metal casting quickly with Viridis3D, for flexible, on demand manufacturing. Many molds or cores can be printed faster than a CNC machine can be programmed. Our proprietary ViriCast™ and ViriCore™ series sand casting materials are available with many common base sands, including Silica, Olivine and Zircon and are compatible with a variety of metals including aluminum, copper, bronze, iron and steel alloys. 3D printing molds and cores eliminates the time and cost associated with creating patterns for molds or cores.

Use ViriShell™ for Ceramics Solutions – allows you to design, print, and fire ceramic parts, without tooling costs or lead times. Ceramic prints can be produced from digital sculpting packages, CAD, 3D, scan data, math-based generators and other sources.

Viridis3D resells fabbster and any Z Corporation (3D Systems) hardware and software tools to help our users implement complete additive manufacturing systems.

We at Viridis3D are very happy for Andy and the team at Figulo, and we wish them the best of luck as they join the 3DS family. Viridis3D remains an independent supplier of 3d printing materials for a range of applications, including ceramics. Viridis3D supplies the consumables used by Figulo, and others, to make the ceramic parts that are available today. We continue to be especially excited about helping independent entities open their own production centers!

Read more about the Figulo acqusition by 3DS.

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